The Wapping Group of Artists - Est 1939

Wapping Group, recent diploma paintings 2006 - 2013

It is a long-established tradition in the Wapping Group that newly-elected members donate a suitable painting (A4 size or smaller) to the group’s archive. In the book published in 2006 some of these paintings were reproduced in the section of past members’ work. Since the publication of the book nine new members have been elected and you might find it interesting to see the paintings they have submitted.

1. Steven Alexander: Sunbury.

2. Rick Holmes: St Osyth.

3. John Shave: Boats at low tide

4. John Killens: Windsor.

5. John Stillman: Richmond.

6. Karl Terry: Strand-on-the-Green.

7. Derek Daniells: Henley.

8. Bill Dean: Putney.

9. Rowan Crew: Trafalgar Square.