The Wapping Group of Artists - Est 1939
John Stillman

Chris Burdett

Although I excelled in art and science at grammar school I meekly followed “wise advice” to read Architecture and Industrial design at London (UCL) and Manchester Universities. Perversely my working life in the Building industry seemed to keep my week ends apart .This allowed me to indulge my passions for sailing, painting, playing a little music and bringing up a family.

 In 55 years of sailing racing and cruising classic boats, barges, and smacks I developed a great affection for the Sea and Thames Estuary. Reluctantly I had to accept that I was getting a bit long in the tooth to hang over side of a Dragon or sweat up the halliards on a Gaffer (single handed of course!). So I decided 2007 was an opportune time to focus on my second passion painting.

Since then life has been a delightful  adventure exploring the different mediums of pastel , oil, water colour and recently printing. “Plein air” work has similarities to sailing, wet, windy, muddy, sunny? The sailing gear is useful too!

I aim to capture the atmosphere shoreside, on the briny deep, or riverside city on ventures up stream. About half my working is “en plein air”. Studio developed work from research and “en plein air” reference account for the rest. Pastel/print making are my favoured working mediums at present. The working Thames still fascinates as always, but anything maritime is fair game.

I look forward to developing my skills journey as a member the Wapping group. I am also a member of the Chelsea Art Society . I  have paintings exhibited with Chelsea Art Society ( Agnes Reeve Award), RSMA, ROI, Pastel Society, Discerning Eye.