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Derek Daniells

Derek Daniells

I was born in Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire in 1949, and I still live there, having travelled extensively both here and abroad to paint.

I was elected a member of the WGA in 2012, having spent the previous year as a candidate.
I use oils, acrylics and pastels. I am often asked, which is my favourite medium and the truth is, the one I am using at the time. Much of my plein air work is painted on board, as it is robust and easily transportable.

I am attracted to subjects that have a strong abstract underpinning and/or interesting light. Sometimes a ‘flat’ light can be equally exciting, as the close tones are challenging. I work on a wide range of sizes on site, from 10” x 12” to 26” x 30”, with numerous combinations in between. I like different formats and often carry a couple of panorama boards of 12” x 24” or 15”x 30” to keep my options open. I also carry some frames in my car for the board sizes, so I can place the paintings in a frame and assess progress whilst working.

When I work on site I am looking to capture the light, atmosphere and mood of the day, by careful observation of tonal and colour relationships. I ‘knock’ in this basic series of shapes, always looking to fix the significant vertical and horizontal early. I do not draw as such initially. I am trying to create a sort of chaos, which I then selectively organise or resolve as appropriate.
Amongst my artistic heroes are Sisley, Vuillard, Degas, Boudin, Corot and Sickert.

Exhibitions include:
W H Patterson, London - Selected Artist and Mixed exhibitions, the Mall Galleries, London, Bankside Gallery, London, Royal Fine Art, Tunbridge Wells, John Noott Gallery, Broadway, Island Fine Art, Isle of Wight, Hawker Gallery, Amersham, The Minster Gallery, Winchester plus others in the UK and Canada.

I have regularly exhibited with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Royal Society of British Artists, winning the Daler Rowney Painting Award in 2009 and of course The Wapping Group of Artists Annual Exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London.