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The Wapping Group and friends featured in the local French press as they paint in Amboise

Posted on: July 7th, 2014

Under the heading ‘Des peintres anglais dans la ville’, the presence of the Wapping Group and friends aroused plenty of interest in the beautiful French town of Amboise. The ‘Nouvelle République’ for June 18th explained that ‘ils ont traversé la Manche pour peindre Amboise’ and that the Wapping Group is ‘une des plus anciennes sociétés de peintres de plein air d’Angleterre’, and advised local people to ‘ouvrir l’oeil’. This is certainly what happened; locals kept their eyes peeled and showed plenty of interest in the work that the group produced. The photo, taken by Rob Adams, illustrates this well.

Photo 17-06-2014 07 13 22 pm